Pre-School Registration

If your child has a summer birthday, many parents consider placing their 4-year-old in the 3-year-old program. We have experienced that the younger children are better equipped for our 4-year-old curriculum if they have had a year of preschool previously)

4-5-year-old program
  • Must be 4 years-old by Sept. 15, 2024 & toilet-trained) Fall 2024 – Spring 2025
  • 4 DAYS - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings, 8:45-11:45, $180/month

3-4-year-old program
  • Must be 3 years-old by Sept. 15, 2024 & toilet-trained) Fall 2024 – Spring 2025
  • 2 DAYS - Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, 8:45-11:45, $90/month
  • (Please select your choice and we will do our best to accommodate)

INFORMATION for All Parents:
  • Once your child’s application has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions to join our communication network called BLOOMZ.
  • BLOOMZ will help the director connect instantly with individuals or groups of parents.
  • All communications with parents will be through BLOOMZ including distribution of additional File Information forms, newsletters, weather announcements, reminders, etc. Messages may contain attachments that will sometimes need to be printed out.
  • Parents may choose whether to receive messages via text and/or email. Parents will be able to download an app on their smartphone.

I am submitting a non-refundable $85 registration/educational supply fee with my application.  Should our preschool plans change, I will contact Sonshine Preschool to remove my child from the class roster before August 1st.

Separate Information for those applicable for Income Assistance Scholarships:
*Scholarships available for qualifying families using the Approximate Annual Income Scale below*:  
# in Family   Income Range                          # in Family                                Income Range
2      $17,240 – $54,480                                           6                                         $37,590 –$ 111,000
3      $21,720 – $69,440                                           7                                          $42,000-125,000
4      $26,200 – $80,400                                           8                                          $47,000 –$ 139,000
5      $32,680 – $97,360